Yes, but in Spain you can play golf all year round.


Golf in Spain has a high season from beginning of March until the end of June and from beginning of September through the end of November. The summer low season which is from the beginning of July to the end of August can be very hot and the winter low season which is December through the end of February when the weather this time of year can be unstable but on the whole is ideal golfing weather. Also the winter low season is when flight costs can be considerable lower.


The summer low season worries people because they think it will be too hot to play, but with the right preparation there are big advantages.


 What about: 

  • Playing early morning, late afternoon or early evening
  • In Spain buggies are always available, where you will be protected from the sun
  • Make sure that you have plenty of water in your buggy
  • Greenfees are about 50% lower than in high season
  • Wear sunscreen and keep your head covered


 If you look at these facts you can enjoy Millionaires golf so the low season may be a better alternative!